Ignite Zurich presents a fresh line-up of speakers for our Summer Kick-off show:

Dr. Alessandro Crimi is a research scientist at University of Zurich. He’s been wanting to present an Ignite talk since mid-2016 – so we’re thrilled to finally get the stars and moon to align and bring Alessandro to Ignite’s stage. Those who attended Zurich Storytellers meetup in April heard him practice “Of Goats and Men”. In spite of relocating to Geneva this week, he’s found time to revise his slides and sharpen a message that will resonate with anyone who has thought of volunteering their time and skills for recognition or reward.

Philippe Lobo Küng keeps one foot in Zurich and the other in Lisbon. It hasn’t split his personality though as his talk, “Lets Build Sustainable Businesses” draws from his concrete experience building businesses that were NOT sustainable. Philippe’s pain can be your gain.

Cécile Bastien Remy, blogger and public speaking coach, brings us the story of a down and out teenager begging for change on a cold winter night in Geneva. Her talk “What is 4 Franks Worth” will challenge us to examine the consequences our words have regardless if we are aware of them.

Andreas Herzog will escort us inside a Syrian family’s plight as refugees – and the lack of basic human rights they and so many others in this region cope with daily. Andi believes we Swiss have the genetic code for bringing together warring opponents to reconcile their differences and establish friendships with them. I’m really curious if this Swiss pilot “walks the talk.” Andi’s talk is entitled, “On the Syrian Border.”

Gabriela Sargeant, a Swiss lighting architect, has been less than illuminating when asked to describe her talk. All we know as this mail chimp campaign goes out is its intriguing title, “The Charly Factor – or How I Learned to Surf.” See what I mean? We’ll just have to show up on June 2nd and wait to hear who or what the hell is Charly.

Allison MacTavish, native of Deep River, Ontario, Canada now residing in Zurich, first appeared at Zurich Storytellers in April. She won points for authenticity and a memorable story to connect with the meetup’s 30 listeners. Now Allison is ready to make the leap from the intimate setting of Impact Hub’s Salon room (Coffee Auer & Co) to engage 100+ Ignite fans at Hub’s Viadukt Arch D event space. It’s rumoured her talk might include a music or dance element….

Eric Molin is flying in from his home base in Vienna and will not have had the chance to rehearse with the other Speakers prior to the start of our livestream and live show. But when I spoke to him on May Day, he was confident the combination of passion he feels for his topic, plus his many coping mechanisms for stage fright, will carry him through. Eric told me his talk, “Connecting, An Introvert’s Journey” is for both introverts and extroverts – which pretty well describes the Ignite audience.

Beatrice Buchser is another speaker paying taxes in two countries: Spain and Switzerland. She and I met over a coffee or three a few months ago and I’ve been envious of her dream lifestyle ever since. Beatrice’s talk, “Risk Everything and Live the Dream” sounds like a spoiler alert, but maybe the risks she’s talking about are not the gut wrenching smash a plate against the wall and scream at the kids type of risk. Only one way to find out. Watch the livestream on our youtube and facebook channel – or buy 2 tickets and bring a friend to hear Beatrice’s amazing story live on stage.

Attention: EarlyBird ticket sales end in two weeks (15th May). Since our last show sold out, not sure if we’ll have tickets at the door.  why risk it?  reserve a seat now.

Reconnect with old friends and meet new like-minded people in your tribe. Come away from this geek event with enlightened stories available nowhere except at Ignite. See you June 2nd. Networking begins at 18:30; talks at 19:00.
Yours, Joel Blom
Ignite Zurich Organizer

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