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Why Ignite Zurich?
Ignite Zurich fills a need in our local community where people can experience an evening of high-energy talks by speakers with a burning idea, and the courage to go on stage and share it with their hometown crowd.

About Ignite Zurich
We are a fun-loving volunteer-run geek event that puts on seriously entertaining events every few months. “Enlighten us but make it quick” is our mantra.

What is Ignite Zurich?
Ignite Zurich is a night of thought provocation with a twist. Presenting on a subject of their choice, speakers have exactly 5 minutes to teach us about their passion, inspire awesomeness or nerdy admiration — backed by 20 slides auto-advancing every 15 seconds. It’s one mic, a few slides and 2 ½ hours of honest discussion about our community, culture and the world.

How can we take Ignite Zurich to the next level?

We agree the #1 factor to grow Ignite Zurich into the largest Ignite event in Europe is by continuously raising our audience’s expectations with every show. We will do this by rigorously curating brave speakers with engaging topics to blow the minds of both in-house audience and live-stream followers.

Great events like TED or The Moth, are only possible because they have great teams of committed people empowered to use their energy and skills to make their events world-class. We recognize Ignite Zurich can only succeed with the combined firepower of a committed team. Join us! or tell a friend with the right stuff Ignite’s all-volunteer team needs you.

If we want to elevate Ignite Zurich to world-class status, we have to do a great job of getting Ignite’s story out there as the most exciting live storytelling event in Switzerland. Ask a friend about Ignite and help spread our story.
Ping Ariane or Joel to join the Org Team.

Decisions reached

·      Ariane + Joel share duties and decisions as Co-organizers from 01.05.18

·      Next Ignite Zurich Show                  Fri. 28 Sept. 2018, Kraftwerk Auditorium

·      Sept. event Speaker application deadline             Mon. 20 August 2018

·      Select next event’s speakers and notify them in KW 34

·      Speaker rehearsal (obligatory)           10 or 11 Sept. 2018 from 19:00-21:00

Next Steps

1.     Ariane set up Trello Board for Ignite Team

2.     Author update from meeting and send to all who indicated interest in joining Team

3.     Sign contract with Kraftwerk for event space reservation 28.09.18

4.     Recruit/select team member: Strategic Admin for media channels

5.     Update ignitezurich.org website with videos, dates and speaker app info

6.     Create/modify google docs for simplified speaker app (and instructions)

7.     RFP to Ana about social media maintenance tasks

8.     Contact Hugo if he can do tech on 28.09.2018

9.     Contact Patrick and Elizabeth (photographers) if they can shoot 28.09.2018

10.  Draft new Speaker “contract” – and/or update 2017 speaker guidelines

11.  Send thank you to all Ignite speaker applications since Dec 2017 and invite them to re-apply using new application process.

12.  Choose next Org Team meetup date (after personally reaching out to indiv)

Let’s engage!

Join the Ignite Team – contact Ariane or Joel to get involved
1.              Social Media Strategic Admin (manage posts/tweets by others)
2.              Ignite community updates (content for e-mail, other SM channels)
3.              Website updates (non-technical)
4.              Partners + Sponsors Coordinator
5.              Stage Manager
6.              FB live-stream commentator
7.              Lead tech backup (Hugo Shotman tech lead)
8.              Sound technicians X 2
9.              Video camera operator X 2
10.           Video editor
11.           Photographer x 2
12.           Ticket Sales Coordinator

Contact info Co-Organizers
Ariane Leanza Heinz     ariane@arianeleanzaheinz.com
Joel Blom                         joel@joelblom.net

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